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don’t call them sidekicks
young justice: january 7, 2011 - march 16, 2013
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So Stephen Amell is hilarious when he guested on season one of New Girl. Can we have an Arrow/New Girl crossover?

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Anonymous sent: Tell us about the topic that you struggled with the most in school. (Not subject, but rather a concept, idea or method.) Cool? Cool.

oh wow. this is a pretty awesome question. because i didn’t study with any of the material i studied. if i didn’t do well, it was because i blew it off.

I think what I struggled with the most was that the English major at my college was too literature focused, and not skill focused. I wish it was more of a “writing” major, and that would have been more helpful career wise. Lit’s important, but as I was in college I was always worried with whether my education would help me after I graduated. 

What didn’t help was that I had so many sub-requirements to fulfill, I couldn’t take any electives to help supplement my majors.

There is plenty of value in English Literature classes, I just don’t think my university had the right balance of skill classes vs. literature.

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Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

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I love accurate deadpool cosplay gifs.

This is why we need a real R rated Deadpool movie.

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